I’m Done with Anon’s, done with feeding

I’ve removed the Anon options from my AMA button.   due to Anon questions and me answering them at 3 in the morning I’ve quite possibly ended the only non-platonic relationship in my life to have ever meant anything to me.

I will also be done with feeding, feederism, and all that is connected, my little is disgusted by the idea now, and just the thought of me touching her belly makes her sick, she will probably never let me rub her again.

I’m sorry to anyone who was a fan of everything I posted, as much as I want to be able to say it was someone elses fault. I cannot,  I fucked up and made a mistake that might cost me everything. if my blog continues, I will no longer be doing anything about feederism.

Anonymous asked: you are everything i am looking for!! a daddy and a feeder!! but I'm to shyy to come off anon *giggles* are you looking for someone

No, I’m sorry but I’m not looking for a little or a feedee,  but if you come off of anon we can talk and still be friends.

Anonymous asked: i have a very stuffed tummy, i need a belly rub :(

-rubs your belly-

Anonymous asked: Most feedees seem to be Caucasian So I'm guessing yours is and I'm asking What ethnic foods do you feed your feedee?

Mines not actually Caucasian, or white of another region.    But we haven’t really done much ethnic, but she really loved japanese candies. 



some character deaths matter and they hurt and you cry but they make sense 


No but my least favorite ones are where they die and miraculously come back
Cause why
Either have the balls to kill them or don’t do it in the first place
Don’t pull some bullshit just to tug at my heartstrings

But what about when I want to play fiddle with your heart?   I mean, you love the person so much that when I kill them, it affects you, isn’t that why you read books to have emotions and feels?  If you are willing to close your heart off just because something hurts,  can you really ever enjoy something?

Anonymous asked: your thing on feminatizs makes you sound like a self righteous ass hole

So saying that teaching children to hate someone because race, gender, sexuality, or religion is wrong,  makes me sound self righteous?

Anonymous asked: do NOT equate a fucking movement about equality to the systematic genocide of millions, im not going to go into everything that is wrong with what you said but on a rational level, even if you disagree with someone you should never use that term. it is unimaginably offensive.

You have a problem with me using a word that you take offence to, in order to describe a group that I take offence to? should I use  Al femiQaeda instead?  that might even be more accurate, becuae Femanazi’s are not for equality, they are radicals that use the idea of gender equality and pervert it in they campaigns for the genocide of the male gender. If you don’t like me calling you out for being a fraud then remove me?    

equality is fine i’m all for and agree with gender equality, but systematically teaching millions of young women to hate all men is equal to genocide.

Teaching women that breastfeeding boys is bad even though scientific evidence shows that breastfeeding babies is healthier than formula, is criminal NEGLECT AND CHILD ABUSE.

Teaching women that they can call rape after having consensual sex because afterwards they “regret” who they chose to sleep with is FRAUD

a woman for killing a man and then driving to the bar is not right, claiming that he deserves it even because he is man, is conspiracy to commit murder, hate crimes and gender terrorism

Teaching women that Sex is  Rape and that  the only point of sex is so that men can control women through pregnancy is flat out bullshit, anti-equality propaganda

If you do not agree with the term Feminazi  then make a new term, but saying that Feminazi’s want equality is a stupid as saying that nazi’s wanted equality.  Feminazi’s want to control, take over and opress, just like Nazi’s. Nazi’s might have killed millions with poisons, violence, and war, but the Feminazis are poisoning millions if not billions with propaganda, lies and are creating a war against gender equality, that will result in the loss of billions of lives.    Feminazis are not about equality, they are terrorist.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any feederism blogs you like

My feedee  does, but I don’t particularly.  I have a few I look into from time to time, but i recently removed like 10 of them I use to follow because they kept flooding my feeds with uneducated-political, feminazi and anti-government spam

Anonymous asked: What's your feedees inspiration

Can you clarify inspiration?  like what inspired her to be a feedee, what inspires her to continue being a feedee, what inspires her in seeking her education?

My soft little, oh why must you go so far away

even though my little has been gaining from school and trust me I love how soft she is, I feel she needs to continue classes from home so I can help her.